Dots Puzzle 1.0 iPhone App

The Dots Puzzle ( full name Dastardly Doctor Devio's Disturbingly Diabolical Dots ) is a delightfull cerebral diversion to designed to give your brain a bit of exercise. All you have to do is turn all the dots white by tapping them. But there is a catch - tapping a dot toggles all the dots it is connected to, not the dot you tap!
The Dots Puzzle app only works on iPhones and iTouch. More info at iTunes store. (You might not be able to view the iTunes store if you don't have a mac)

Dots Puzzle screen dump showing
  • The Dot Area where the dots and their connections reside. Try tapping a dot!
  • The Message Area the app lets you know what's happening here.
  • The Buttons Area
    • Spin / Stop if you want to watch the dots move around click this
    • Spin Slider you can use the slider to rotate the dots for a better view. This won't really help you solve the puzzle, but it looks kinda cool.
    • New creates a new puzzle
    • Reset restores the puzzle to its original format and clears the count of your tries so you can start over.
    • Solve starts the iPhone itself to solving the puzzle

The Instructions page gives you (rather brief) instructions and lets you set the difficulty of the puzzles.

About the programmer
Kevin Neelands lives in Gainesville, Florida (home of the fightin' gators) and gets his kicks writing silly little programs.