Braille Code Driller iPhone App

The Braille Code Driller includes a sequence of activities designed to help you learn and master the Braille Code. It includes a Review screen, a Mix & Match activity, two variations on Multiple Choice, and finally a drill where you pat the screen to toggle the dots that make up a Braille character to match test letters. You can configure the drills to test all letters once or as many times as possible within a time limit you set.
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Opening menu screen, showing the list of activities.

The Review screen gives you a scrolling list of the Braille alphabet.

Start out with a simple little Mix & Match. Use your finger to connect letters to their Braille equivalents.

In the first Multiple Choice screen you are given a letter and must select the Braille equivalent for it.

Then in the second, slightly harder Multiple Choice screen you are given a Braille character and must select the letter that matches it.

Finally, to prove your mastery of the Braille alphabet, tap codes in directly on the screen of your iPhone. Tapping each of the six 'dots' toggles it. Once you have the correct 'dots' colored in, tap the button below the code to check your answer.

About the programmer
Kevin Neelands lives in Gainesville, Florida (home of the fightin' gators) and gets his kicks writing silly little programs.