Dr. Casey’s Cerebral Aerobics

Here is a collection of a few logic puzzles to give your brain a bit of exercise. Our first one is called Dr. Casey's Alphanumeric Conundrum. In this puzzle, a simple addition problem has been "coded": The numbers have been replaced with letters. Your job is to guess what letters represent what numbers. You do this by clicking on the grid in those squares that indicate combinations that are NOT valid. For example, if you determine 'a' is 2, then you would click on every number in the 'a' column EXCEPT 2. This may sound a little backwards, but you will find you solve the problem by eliminating combinations--you may determine that 'a' is NOT odd, and then figure out 'a' is less than 5 before you get its actual value. A perfect score is 100. Here's a hint--the top row of digits are 'carry' digits, and must be 1 or 0.

Our second puzzle is called Dr. Casey's Discombobulating Polka Dots. The object is to get all the dots to be white. You do this by clicking on individual dots. Each dot is connected to some of the other dots and when you click on any one of the group they all toggle. The trick is to figure out which groups to toggle to get them all white. (Play with it a little.) You can move dots around by dragging them. (Try it and see what visual effects you get.) Click SOLVE to have the computer solve the puzzle for you. The 3D option works only if you have red/blue 3D glasses, such as the ones available from Knowledge Adventure for their 3D dinosaur program.

Last Updated July 22, 2005

Kevin Neelands,kcn32605@yahoo.com